Friday, November 28, 2014

A new book by Victor Sasson is about to be published:


Subtitle: An Apocalyptic Re-trial of Jesus of Nazareth
              Based on Biblical and Extra-Biblical Texts

Monday, February 15, 2010



The book contains a Preface and 108 short, informal essays on a variety of topics, such as, The Hebrew Prophets, Judaism v. Zionism, the Pope and Islam, Barack Obama and Israeli/Zionist propaganda against him, the issue of Torture, the cultural and ethnic cleansing of Sephardi/Babylonian Jewry at the hands of the Ashkenazi/Europeans in 'Israel', the Palestinians and their Nakba, Elie Wiesel and his silence regarding torture and other human abuses, Dr. John Strugnell and his verdict on the Jewish religion, Jerusalem the Divided City, the Pharisees, Christian Zionists, Modern Biblical Scholarship and Orthodox rabbis, Hillel and Community, the virus of Global Zionist propaganda, etc. etc.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Israel, the Jewish State, or Occupied Holy Land?

I must admit I had a small problem giving these Essays a suitable title. Having myself a Hebrew name, the reader might make the mistake of assuming I am a journalist reporting from the Occupied Territories or, as it is deceptively called, the Administered Territories. So what do I mean by Occupied Holy Land? Is it Israel or is it Palestine, or is it Holy Land, or is it the Jewish State? I chose Occupied Holy Land because, to put it in simple terms, I have never recognised the biblical basis and validity for the existence of the State of Israel - in the way this State was conceived, fought for, and established in modern times.
I chose to call these thoughts and musings of mine Essays perhaps because Dostoevsky chose to call his musings from subterranean dungeon Notes – Notes from Underground. And what is this Zionist State if not a suffocating, muddy Dungeon, the sort of dungeon that the Prophet Jeremiah was dumped in for opposing the godless government of his time?
Now my reader might wonder why I do not recognise the so-called ‘State of Israel’. I do not recognise it – even though I know at this time it exists – because it was founded and created deceitfully and with bloodshed and not on the basis of justice and righteousness – as the Prophet Isaiah had proclaimed:

Zion with justice shall be redeemed,
And those that repent, by righteousness.

Isa. 1:27

I do not recognise it because it has continued, and brazenly continues, to steal land, demolish homes, torture prisoners and, most recently, bomb whole neighbourhoods in Gaza, killing, wounding, and maiming thousands of civilians. The European founders of this State - secular, godless Jews - misused and abused the wonderful biblical name of Israel. They used religion as smoke screen for colonisation purposes. For that reason the name ‘Israel’ should not be used for this Godless Rogue State.
Some journalists persist in referring to 'Israel' as the ‘Jewish State’. I reject this term because it assumes that I, being a practising Jew, identify with this so-called ‘Jewish State’. Even worse, this State of Deceit persists in referring to itself as Jewish claiming, deceitfully and brazenly, to speak in the name of all the Jews of the world. This is outrageous.
Not long ago, I wrote a letter to the editor of The Economist and voiced my concern about this misuse and abuse of the word ‘Jewish’ in their journalists’ reports. I explained that ‘Israel’, in referring to itself as the Jewish State, puts all Jews in danger, implicating in its evil doings even those Jews who strongly object to its political and military unJewish policies. But can anyone realistically hope that this misuse and abuse of the term Jewish will end by writing a letter of complaint? Israeli propaganda and the Western world have for decades been repeating this term, among other deceitful mantras.
Life, as anyone who has experienced life on this planet earth would know, is full of contradictions, humiliations, and ironies, especially for individuals and families that have been displaced by powers beyond their control. As a Babylonian Jew who has been displaced from his natural habitat by the Zionist Conspiratorial Agency (i.e. the Jewish Agency) and its criminal operatives, I identify completely with my Palestinian counterparts. I identify with them even though they might only consider me a Jew and, for that only reason, lump me together with their abusers – their Yahud – and, indiscriminately hate me as one of them. I urge them not to do so. I urge them to consider that there are Jews, true to the Jewish religion, who reject this State of Deceit as thoroughly unJewish.

Copyright(c)2009 by Victor Sasson

Dr. Victor Sasson grew up in Baghdad. He is British-educated and holds degrees
from the University of London and an American Ph.D. He was Senior Lecturer in Semitic Languages at the Univerity of South Africa, Member of the Society for Old Testament Study, and Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society. A biblical scholar and specialist in Hebrew and Aramaic Epigraphy, he has also published four novels, a play, and poetry.